Friday, April 9, 2010

Follow up Friday!!!

Wow, this week definitely flew by, so I thought I'd start doing a Follow up Friday to show you that I'm not slacking, just very very busy.

Today, we'll go back a little further to get everyone up to date.

I launched TnRKustoms around the middle of March and I love that there are now so many people involved in it's success. I tweeted to all hell, I Facebook-ed like it's no one's business, and I held a giveaway that resulted in a ton of exposure.

I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am that everyone has been so supportive and encouraging.

On April 1st, Chad and I traveled to Las Vegas to participate in the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender #13! We got there Thursday afternoon and after a long registration process and our own ticket mistakes, we got in with Chad's car (the 1930 Model A Coupe in most of my pictures). Friday morning, my parents flew in to get ready for our wedding Saturday night. We let them rest as Chad and I went over to the Orleans hotel. We passed out a ton of my promo packs which consisted of hair bows, hair flowers, business cards and stickers. There were so many vendors there, so I tried to just stick around the car and hand them out. I didn't want to steal their customers with my giveaways. We stayed for most of the morning/afternoon and then met up with my parents back at the Rio. Chad's parents, sister and niece came in around 8pm. We all got fat and happy, ready to nappy at the buffet downstairs and hit the hay.

Saturday morning, our best friends Cory and Vanessa drove in with my dress. We hauled everyone over to the Orleans for the car show most of the day. After about an hour of being there around the car, JD Delacruz, asked if she could take my picture. Right next to us was a light green roadster that belonged to a friend we made there. I politely asked if they would mind if I posed with the car and without missing a beat, they gave me full reign of the car. I was pretty scared to touch anything because this thing was cherry! I know that when people touch Chad's car, I get edgy and it's not even finished. I thought it would just be a couple shots, but those couple shots turned into a few poses, then she got me inside the car, positioned me, took some more shots, changed poses, took more... and so on and so forth. Before I knew it, there had to have been atleast 50 cameras pointed at me! After about 10-15 mins (which felt like eternity), this beauty came up and asked if she could get in on the shots. We both posed on the seat, near the front tires and around the wheel :). I had a blast. After that shoot, there were a few people who took my pic with Chad's car, but of course Chad was upset that I was in someone else's car before haha. He said he should stop bringing his car and only bring his wife from now on.

Before I decided to head back to the hotel, me and the girls took a little stroll around the outside vendor area. I had just paid for a very cute parasol when I saw her red hair... could it be??? Yep, that's her! Miss Lisa Freemont Street (check the bottom of this post for all her links) :) I always catch a few weird looks from Chad when I'm watching her videos on YouTube trying out some of the makeup and hair tutorials she does. She was so sweet! I gave her a few of my TnRKustoms cards, she shot a quick video of me and hopefully she will be reviewing some of my items very soon!!

I was exhausted after a few hours there. I contacted my giveaway winner- Aly Kramer. We met up, I gave her her new Tuck N Roll Kustoms fascinator, skirt, hair flower and HSC necklaces. She was so cute!

We headed back to the Rio to get ready for the wedding! We tried to take a nap, but I was too excited to sleep, so we started to get ready. Downstairs, we met the limo driver who had just taken Chad and the boys to the chapel as well. The wedding was beautiful, all my guests were taken care of and the ceremony was truly touching.

We went to garden at the Bellagio Conservatory for pictures (which I will be posting very soon!) and then back to the VooDoo Lounge at the Rio. Everyone called it a night except for Cory, Vanessa, Chad and I. We hit the bar for a little while. Being the lightweights we have become, it only took us a few before we were stumbling back to the room.

Whew, that was a long weekend!

This past week, I've been trying to juggle orders and my family.

This weekend, we will be attending the "Goodguys Del Mar Car Show". Chad says it's one of the biggest in SoCal, so we definitely have to stop in ateast on Saturday. I'll be posting a lot more this week and will have a shorter version of Follow Up Friday for you next week, I promise! haha :)

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  1. YAY! Big congrats for the wedding and the success of the new shop! You rule!

  2. Wishing you and Chad all the happiness in the world! You looked lovely!!